The Beginning


Hello and welcome to Sunny Side Transfers! First, let me introduce myself....I'm Laura! I'm the owner, CEO, CFO, Mom Boss and HBIC in this joint. I also answer to Toots, Mommy, Moooooooommmmmmyyyy Crazy Laura and LBoogie. I'm a mom to 3 kids, a dog mom to 2 dogs and a wife to 1 husband. I also have a chicken who was named by my 3 year old boy so obviously her name is Spidey. 


My story begins a few years ago. I  started my first business on Etsy where I made women's shirts (and that's decorated, not sewn). My business is ForeverStrong Apparel. My Etsy shop is there but it's on vacation. :) I've figured it out and, at the time of writing this, I have pressed about 15,000 shirts. No exaggeration here, it's really that many! 


A year after I started ForeverStrong, I realized, after filling up my hard drive, I had created a ton of designs that I wasn't doing anything with! Thus, Sunny Side Transfers was born. (well, to be accurate, it was called something else to start with and became Sunny Side after rebranding but you know what I mean! ) It started as a digital shop but I used it to sell my overstock screen print transfers as well and that got me thinking...could I take my knowledge and experience with shirts and apply it to transfers? we are.

This brings me to today. I absolutely love creating designs and really wanted to move my business away from direct to consumers and more towards a business to business model. Of course, I offer my products direct to consumers but I really want to help other small businesses grow. I know that I can do that by offering the very best, top-of-the-line products. And because I have the experience working with shirts, I know what you, the beautiful business owner that you are, are looking for.  

A Little More Personal

On a more personal note, right now, in 2021, my kids are 10, 9 and 6. They are beautiful, smart, funny amazing little human beings. My husband is also pretty amazing (but, then again, he chose to marry me and that ups his cool points exponentially!) We've been together almost 20 years so we know how to get along! He also knows how to bug me. He doesn't subscribe to "happy wife, happy life" so much as he does "slightly irritated wife, humorous life" (I stole that joke BTW, I'm not that funny.) 

The dogs are another story. They are those two lazy bums you see in the cover picture. The brown one is Brodie. He's 80 lbs and is afraid of his shadow. Literally. The black one is Bella. She's the alpha dog but has no clue she's only 30 lbs. She broke her leg once and almost had to have it amputated. Don't worry, it only bothers her when she gets in trouble and wants sympathy. 

And me? Well, I'm freaking amazing! Well, to me I am. I'm pretty mellow about things. I'm right in the middle between liberal and conservative (if that type of thing matters to you).  I cuss... like...a lot. I'm terrible at sports. I love cookies (and the scale reflects that). And I believe in doing the right thing. 

So go! Shop! Support a small business while supporting your own small business. But please don't forget to hydrate. It has nothing to do with shopping on my site, it's just really important. :)

Much love, 


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