General FAQ

Q: Will I need a heat press for transfers? 

A: Short answer: Maybe. A heat press is highly recommended for all transfers but its possible not to use one.

For Screen print transfers, a heat press is a must. You need even heat and pressure for screens. Sorry...An iron just won't cut it this time!

HTV and sublimation transfers are a little more forgiving. You may be able to get away with an iron or Cricut Easypress but do so at your own peril! I guess that's a little dramatic what I mean is, it might not work. 

Q: How do I get mock ups for the designs?

A: On every product, I've included at least 2 mock ups totally FREE for you to use. Download them and use them how you'd like. I only ask that you add your watermark or logo. 

Q: Can I get a specific style/color of mock up made?

A: Unfortunately, there's no way for me to provide ever color out there (Bella style #3001 offers 100+ shirt colors!!). I try to offer at least one neutral color and one trendy color for each product. 

Q: What's the difference between full color HTV and screen print transfers? 

A: In short, full color HTV is heat transfer vinyl vs. screen print transfers which use screen print ink. The difference is that HTV has the design/colors printed using eco-solvent ink. This process uses high quality, professional grade machinery and supplies. Screen print transfers uses plastisol ink (screen printing ink) applied to a special heat release paper. 

Q: How do I know how to press these things?

A: Deep breath! On every listing, I've linked to the correct pressing info. I also know how irritating it is to have to go online to figure out how to use something so with each order, I'll include a card with pressing instructions. 


Tuesday $1 Deals

Q: How does $1 Tuesday work?

A: Every Tuesday, MOST one color screen print transfers, will be $1 each. All 2 color or full color screens go on sale as well. New screens and pre-orders are excluded.

Q: What prints are excluded?

A: All preorders are excluded from this promotion as are any prints that were added within the last month. 


Design Questions

 Q: Where do you get your transfer designs from? 

A: There are so many talented artists out there and I want to support as many as I can! Therefore, I purchase quite a few of my transfer designs (both HTV and screen print). This means, you might see other sellers with the same designs. I always verify the artists policy on selling transfers and abide accordingly.  

Q: What about trademark/copyright?

A: I do not sell, in any form, any known trademark/copyright merchandise. This means, you won't find cartoon characters, TV show fonts, the giant mouse that everyone loves so much or anything in between. For digital files, I make sure a phrase isn't TM before selling the file but you should always do your due diligence prior to selling as things can and will change. 

Q: Do you copy work?

A: NO! Seriously, no. I know others' choose to and that's fine for them, but I won't. All digital files are my own creation. Now, sometimes, files will look very similar to one another; That happens. But I'm not out there stealing people's stuff and calling it mine. That would be icky. 

Q: How do I make a custom request? How do I get a color/pattern/word changed?

A: The absolute best way to request any changes is to join my Facebook group, Sunny Side Transfers. After you join, you can post your question and I will let you know if I can do it and how to get it. Additional benefit: You'll also be able to see any sales, have first access to discount codes and get in first with any pre-sales!


Printable HTV Questions

 Q: What's up with the HTV mask?

A: All HTV transfers require a mask in order to transfer them onto a shirt. Thankfully for you, a mask is included with all HTV designs!

Buuuuttt.....Mask sheets can be reused a few times before they lose their stickiness. So if there's ever a time you don't need a mask, just let me know! I'll be happy to have a few $$ off and save some materials. :)

Q: Does the HTV have a thick, plastic feel?

A: HTV is made of plastic so by definition, there will be a thicker, plastick-y feel. This yucky-plastic feeling can be lessened in two ways:

1. Using designs that aren't one huge block of vinyl and 2. Using the thinnest vinyl on the market. To give you an idea, the HTV I use for shirt transfers is 45 microns vs. Sister Easy WeedⓇ which is 90 microns.