Custom Transfer Information

Here you'll find everything you need to know about the custom transfers I offer. I want you to LOVE what you get from me so please read carefully as every transfer has it's own limitations. At this time, custom artwork is not offered.


HTV can be put on cotton, polyester or blended fabrics and on any color. All HTV transfers come to you ready to press. When choosing a file for HTV, you'll want plenty of white space. Nobody wants a big blob of HTV on their chest! You'll need to send an SVG or PDF and all files need to be print ready. All orders are subject to a $5 design fee charge but files not sent in these formats will incur additional charges. If you're interested in HTV, it's always best to message a pic of what you'd like printed and I can tell you if it's possible. 

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Screen print transfers (or screens as we call them) can be put on cotton, polyester or blended fabrics and on any color. Screens come to you ready to press. Acceptable file formats are SVG, PNG, PDF and JPEG. All files need to be high quality (at least 300 DPI) and print ready. Yes, ordering is a little clunky but all instructions are within the listing. 

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Sublimation ink only works on high polyester fabric or items that are specially coated and all items need to be white or very light. You'll need a high quality PNG file (at least 300 DPI), SVG or a PDF. All files need to be print ready

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